Insurance Advisory Services

Insuring your life and property with choice of exemplary schemes

The day of simplicity of choice in insurance is long over. Today there are numerous insurance companies offering a truly large number of insurance schemes with riders, conditionality’s and different rates of payouts. Selecting the right cover for your risk has become an activity requiring expertise and extensive knowledge of the market.

Why choose us?

GEPL Insurance Pvt. Ltd. evaluates individual needs and helps people identify the most competitively priced insurance from highly rated companies. Our qualified, trained and experienced team of IRDA certified insurance professionals are adept at conducting a need and risk analysis for a variety of Life and Non Life products.

We offer:
  • Unbiased approach towards insurance advisory – we offer you what you need, not merely what we have
  • Insurance and Risk Management Advisory Services
  • Life and Non Life products
  • Assistance in claims and settlements

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