December 23,2020 10:46:PM
Financial Investment

How to set financial goals at every stage of life?

“Dreaming to be wealthy without financial goals is like climbing the tree without any reason” Every goal comes alive when you hit the deadline switch. The

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December 06,2020 7:10:PM
IPO calendar

Burger king IPO update: Is it a most subscribed IPO of 2020?

Burger King, one of India's fastest-growing fast food restaurant chains with 268 outlets, As their restaurant chain the IPO(Initial Public offering) was fastest. After ma

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December 02,2020 5:20:PM
IPO Investment

What is IPO Investment? How IPOs Performed during Covid19 ?

IPO, The term IPO stands for Initial public offerings. It is a proper mechanism by which, privately held companies become publically traded by offering shares to the public for the first time. IPOs or Initial Public Offerings are a process through which companies raise capital from retail and

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November 28,2020 1:48:PM
Peak Margin

Peak margin updates: phase 3 and its affect of investors.

With reference to the SEBI circular dated 20th July 2020, Peak Margin has been introduced in the Equity, Commodity & Currency segment from 1st December 2020.  W.e.f  1st June 2021, there will be an increase in PEAK margin from the existing  50% to 75% of the total ma

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November 28,2020 1:33:PM

Health insurance plan, Why it's so important to have one?

What type of image you get in your mind when you say “being healthy”. Probably exercise, a balanced diet, and a good amount of sleep. But these days even these basic rules seem tough. People are currently embracing the various healthy and safe steps, including self-isolation and social distancing, to prevent infection. Yet h

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November 26,2020 11:00:AM

Kotak MF Launched ESG Fund : What are ESG Funds?

What is ESG?  What is ESG, Well ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) parameters are a set of principles that socially responsible investors use to screen prospective investments for the operations of a business?  Environmental standards understand how a corporation works as a steward of nature. Social criteria

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