Top 3 investment options in india for 2021

Investment Plans 15 May 2021 1:40:PM

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The world is moving with the speed of light, so does our money-saving options. But when it comes to investment options in India, what could be the best options to invest and grow your money in 2021? There are so many investment options in our country India. From Savings account to FD. and many more. But what are the real ones in today’s world? How can you double or maybe triple your hard-earned money by investing in the right options? And What are those right investment options in 2021? 

Investment is an asset or commodity that is bought with the expectation that at some point in the future it will produce revenue or appreciate in value. An investment may refer, among other examples, to any method used to produce future income, including bonds, securities, real estate property, or a company.

So, let see what are those best investment options in 2021?

REIT investment: 

In India, the first offering for REITs was released in 2019. However, the commodity has gained considerable popularity among issuers as well as institutional investors within a short span of two years. Perhaps the biggest benefit of REITs is that, without the need to purchase, manage, or directly fund assets, individual investors may access real estate income. They offer a low-cost way to invest in the market for real estate. Since they can deliver a solid, predictable annual dividend and the potential for long-term capital appreciation, REITs can play an important part in an investment portfolio. 


The first subscription offering for any new fund offered by an investment firm is a new fund offer (NFO). When a fund is opened, a new fund offer arises, enabling the company to raise money for the acquisition of securities. NFOs are designed to raise money for the fund and draw buyers, similar to an IPO in the socket industry.

Mutual Funds:- 

Mutual funds are a form of investment vehicle consisting of a stock, bond, or other securities portfolio. Mutual funds provide small or retail investors with access at a low price to diversified, professionally operated portfolios. Mutual funds are classified into different types of categories, reflecting the types of securities in which they invest, their investment targets, and the type of returns they make. 

That is it for our part one of the best investment options in India for 2021. Apart from these 3 investment options, we have more options to cover in our coming blog. On REIT, Mutual Funds adn NFO you can easily contact us for any guidance. 

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