Long Build Up

Stock Name % Price Change % OI Change
VOLTAS 1.43 15.21
BANKNIFTY 0.19 11.82
HDFCAMC 2.46 8.74
GODREJCP 1.13 6.99
HAVELLS 0.45 6.63


Short Build Up

Stock Name % Price Change % OI Change
FINNIFTY -0.12 23.11
WIPRO -2.5 17.34
LALPATHLAB -1.85 8.34
AARTIIND -1.26 7.58
IGL -0.1 6.70


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As a best stock broker in Mumbai and NSE listed Company we are known for our one stop investment avenue. It enables our investors to improve their financial status. At GEPL Capital our Investors receive expert advice on numerous investment opportunities by our financial wizards based on their portfolio and financial aim. With GEPL Capital you will get to invest in Equity, Commodity, Bonds, Currency, and Insurance. As a best stock broker in Mumbai, we provide our valuable services across India.



What is your financial goal? If you don't have any then its time to start with one! At GEPL Capital we have industry experts who understands your budget and help to set your financial goal. if you are involved in online trading than GEPL capital is the place where our Online investor[Online trader] gets accurate and widespread data which leads you to the path of goal-based investment.



At GEPL Capital you will get the best online trading service. Let it be Offline or online trading, With GEPL risk management services you will get a bunch of rewards with minimized risk. Choose any services with us our investors gets the hand-picked investment opportunities by considering the potential of handling the risk of the investor.



With our best online trading services our experts helps you to get the bespoke portfolio. Which gives you the best ROI on your online trades. GEPL provides a safe and harmonious online trading platform. Here, you will get the research done from an expert and the technical analysis and the best portfolio maintenance services. Start now to get the best portfolio management services.

Mutual funds recommendations

Mutual funds investment

With GEPL Capital investing in mutual funds is easier. Our Service offers you hassle-free and paperless investment. As per your investment portfolio, you can easily choose fund(s). you will also get higher returns on mutual funds but how? when you invest in mutual funds you will get a calculated risk which offers you the best returns on your mutual fund investment other than conventional options like PPF, NSC, and FDs. Choose the right mutual funds to reach your financial goals. Our mutual fund's calculator minuses the risk and multiplies the returns. Get your systematic investment plan [SIP] with just one click.

MF Recommendations

MF Recommendations Nav Rating Returns(%)
3 Months 6 Months 1 Year
Axis Long Term Equity 60.63 21.05 12.55 15.62
DSP Tax Saver Fund 63.10 19.87 8.57 15.32
Mirae Asset Tax Saver Fund 24.40 25.09 11.97 20.19
Canara Rob Equity Hybrid Fund 207.43 21.42 11.50 13.55



Equity trading

Now grab the opportunity of investing in best-listed companies BSE, NSE in India. To make it more flexible, at GEPL capital we provide online trading and investment options by using our user-friendly online trading app, and via Call too. Now investing in equity investment is easy with GEPL capital. Now open your equity trading account to get the shares in a dematerialized format. that gives you flexibility along with convenience and security.


Currency Derivatives

Now get the chance of trading in foreign currency dollars Euros and more with GEPL Currency derivatives [ Currency trading]. Currency trading is based on the fluctuations in the foreign market. Currency derivative is the way that resident investors explore this exciting world of foreign exchange. So what are you waiting for? Start online trading with GEPL and try the feature of currency derivatives and unlock the potential and huge returns on your holdings and hard-earned money.


Fixed Income Plans

GEPL capital offers a range of Debt instruments backed by research, views, and product knowledge to meet our clients’ (Institutions – Financial Institute, Banks, corporate and Trust; Individuals – HNI, NRI, and Retails) investment objectives. Fixed Income Investments are those on a fixed schedule that provides a stream of return. The amount of the payout might vary, however. Person bonds are one of the most common types of this sort of investment. The likes of bond funds, post office company deposit, exchange-traded funds (ETF) and money market funds are also included in this group.


Mutual Funds Investments

Mutual fund how to invest? This is the most asked question. Where people are eager to invest but lack of knowledge and expertise leads to loss. Here, at GEPL we have professionals who help to set goals for your mutual funds investments. On your mutual fund investments, our experts help you to diversifies the portfolio properly. Now along with online trading, online investments are easy at GEPL. Before investing our experts helps in factoring the risk on your mutual funds. We have a hassle-free and paperless investing process and you are just one click away from investing.



With GEPL Capitals Online trading services we provide trading in commodities too. Commodities are things or items we use in our everyday lives, such as metals, food, electricity, etc. Commodities are tradable in nature i.e. they can be purchased and sold freely.  


Best IPO Picks:-

Are you one of those who always stays so curious about updating yourself with the news of the upcoming IPO? Then you should check out our Upcoming IPO in 2020. We are on halfway of 2020 and if you ain't aware of the latest IPO launch then you should click and visit our IPO page. You will see the best picks of the coming IPO in the market. Subscribe our newsletter to get your upcoming IPO calendar.

Insurance Policies by GEPL

Insurance Policy

At GEPL we understand the risk of financial loss in the business. Even health issues are uninvited. So, We came up with the insurance services. We got you covered with the financial loss, future of your family. A comprehensive insurance plan takes care of all the things, be it asset or business we got you covered. So, contact us and get your general insurance and financial planning

Investing in Mutual funds

Free Demat Account

Want to start trading? get involved in an online trading account and buy stocks hold'em see the light and sell'em. Open your free Demat account with GEPL just with a few clicks. And, start online trading today.Existing investors can also transfer their investments from other Depositary Participants and monitor their entire portfolio easily and efficiently while constantly receiving expert advice from our team.

Mutual Funds how to invest


Investment, Investment is a future treasure for people. It could be in any form. Investing in stocks or investing in insurance. Behind every investment, there is just are goal and that is generating income and appreciation.  for investing you have to spend some amount of money today. But, in the future, it will be a monetary asset purchased that used to create wealth.  If you want to invest in stocks we have the best stocks to invest in. I f you want to secure a future we have various insurance policies to secure the future of yours and your family. so plant the seeds to grow your tree of money with GEPL. The benefit of investing with GEPL is our Paperless Investments feature allows you to invest in Mutual funds, Stocks, Insurance with just a one click.


Technology Platforms

Extensive-Shar- Market-Information

Extensive Share Market Information

In-depth market analysis for Equity, Futures, and Options market like never.



They provide consolidated information in a single chart that makes it easier to compare more than one data set and make decisions quickly


Watch Lists

Create personalized watch lists and track in real-time, certain stocks of your choice. You can create multiple watch lists. You can even combine scripts from the BSE, NSE and the currency market in a single watch list.


Online Fund Transfer

Instant limit increase with Online Fund Transfer



Easy to trade, anytime, anywhere


Set Alerts

Set price alerts on stocks and get notified when it reaches/crosses the specified value.


Buy/Sell Order

User can directly access to Buy/Sell Order window for that particular selected scrip.


View Order Book

User can directly access to Order Book window of that particular selected scrip.


Scrip Details

User can directly access to Details of that particular selected scrip


View Quotes

Users can directly access to Quotes window i.e. MBP(Market by Price). In this window, user can see market depth, technical of the market as Open, High, Low, Close, LTT, Quantity @ Price, Change, %
Change etc. of that particular selected scrip. User can access it by pressing F6 key


View Charts

User can view Charts of that scrip window of that particular selected scrip. User can access it by pressing F11 key.


Multiple Assets

Single Terminal across multiple asset classes



Monitoring of all your holdings anytime from anywhere



View weekly and monthly Technical Charts



View all orders- open, trigger pending, complete, rejected, AMO, and canceled orders



Identify lucrative Trading opportunities with Predefined Bullish & Bearish Strategies



Track stock activity anytime with Heat Map



The notional value is the total amount of a security's underlying asset at its spot price.



A summary Report that shows how a firm has used the funds entrusted to it by its stockholders (shareholders) and lenders, and what is its current financial position.



This option will allow user to view report of Client Snap Shot. User will be able to view Utilization, Span Margin, Stock Details and Today Detail in this report. There are four tabs in this report giving all the details at one go.



This option will allow user to view report of Ultimate Delivery.



This option allows you to view Global Cash Net O/s Report.



This option allows you to send a Payment Request. This means if you have Credit O/s with your broker then you may send a request to release payment.

Goal Planning

Goal Planning

Efficient financial planning is a must to achieve one’s short and long-term goals. With our advisory and wealth creation experts, every earning can be invested to reap more benefits.
Our goal planner is a resourceful feature that ensures detailed plans for various life events. From education, marriage, managing assets, or retirement, our goal plans analyze and identify each landmark to arrive at an accurate conclusion to realize your goals.

Risk Profiling

Risk Profiling

Risk profiling covers the ideal investment possibilities for an individual based on their capacity and tolerance to risk while also accommodating for the need for risk for the expected returns.
This is a critical assessment for you as an investor. A Risk Profile assists you in charting a successful plan for achieving your wealth plans


Paperless Investing

Quick & paperless account creation and instant Activation. Within a couple of minutes, you are all set to ride the new wave of investing.


Instant SIP

Once you are registered. It takes less than a minute to start a SIP.


Access to Handpicked Best Performing Schemes

We adopt a holistic and unbiased approach, and recommended schemes after thorough research only


SIP Calculators

With the help of our calculators plan your investment needs to achieve your Financial Goals.

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Investing In Gold

GOLD is not only valued as an ornament but the metal is also a popular form of investment in India. Most of the families treasure gold for ages pass