Research Reports:

Research that is oriented to reveal profitable investment and trading opportunities

Research is the common factor that helps us offer value across all our services and enables us to maximize investment returns. We have dedicated teams that focus on fundamental as well as technical research.

Product Information
Reco Type Segment Capital Employed Duration
Pre-Open Index    
Pre-Open Cash    
Intraday Cash / F&O 100000 Intraday
BTST-STBT Cash / F&O 250000 Closing to Closing +1
Five-Day Cash / F&O 200000 1 week
Rolling Index Futures F&O 250000 Variable
Positional BUY Cash / F&O, SELL F&O 500000 1-4 weeks
Index Options F&O 150000 1-4 weeks
Techno-Fundamental Cash 250000 1-3 months

Newsletter Type Periodicity
Morning Meeting Daily (M toF)
Morning Base Emails Daily (M toF)
Market Watch / Daily Market Outlook Daily (M toF)
2 min Nifty Wrap Daily (M toF)
Weekly Sector Analysis Saturday
Weekly Market Outlook Saturday
Weekly Stocks to Watch Saturday
Market & Sector Alerts Occasional (M to F)

Reports Sent to Clients:-
 Morning Coffee.
 Daily Nifty Market Wrap.
 Nifty Weekly Report
 Weekly Sector watch.
 Sales Note:- Techno Funda.
 Sales Note:- Fundamental.
 Weekly Sector watch.
 Monthly 3 D- Report.
 Wealth Newsletter

 Conference Call once a month.

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