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Mutual Funds Investment

Investing in mutual funds online

"Saving Rs.1000 a month to build perfect investment habit through SIP Mutual Funds." Do you want long-term wealth formation? than you must consider investing in mutual funds online. Because making online Mutual fund investment is best if you go for SIP with long-term investment goals. As per all young and old investors, Online mutual funds investment is the best way to create a long-term investment plan. Investing in mutual funds online is a much safer choice than Fixed deposits and gold investments. If you have no stock experience even though if you invest in mutual funds it can help you get potential returns. While it's easy to make mutual funds investments, many find the whole process too difficult to understand and others view it as risky, which it is not. With GEPL Capital it has become easier and paperless.

Technology that kickstarts your investments immediately

Our Web based and App based Technology helps you choose and start investing in mutual funds without delay.

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Achieving Financial Goals With Online Mutual Funds Investment


Mutual target shared by investors

  • To achieve the mutual targets shared by the investors, And money invested in the set of instruments is known as mutual funds investment.
  • Each mutual fund scheme is managed by the professional fund manager who allocates the corpus of the scheme to different asset classes (such as debt, equity, money market, gold, global, etc.) in an effort to generate returns.


Substantial diversification at a low price

  • About a hundred different securities are owned by the typical mutual fund investment, which ensures that mutual fund Investors achieve substantial diversification at a low price.
  • The portfolio manager distributes the assets of the fund and aims to create capital gains or revenue for investors of the fund. 


Gets easier to invest with experienced portfolio manager 

  • When experienced portfolio managers are managing your wealth than you have nothing to worry about. 
  • The portfolio manager distributes the assets of the fund and aims to create capital gains or revenue for investors of the fund.


Economies of Scale

  • Investing in mutual funds online provides economies of scale as well. The purchasing of one protects the investor from the multiple commission fees required to build a diversified portfolio. 
  • Investors have the freedom to research and select from managers with a variety of styles and management goals.


How to invest in mutual funds online?

Making mutual fund investment online via GEPL Capital’s Mutual funds app is now easy. When you apply for mutual funds offline you have to provide the application forms along with the cheque. 

For instance, if you want to park your money for a couple of months or so, ultra-short-term funds are the best bet. If you wish to raise some money to meet short-term goals (less than 3 years), debt funds can help you do just that.

Knowing your financial objectives clearly can help you make the most of your mutual fund investments. Being secure as your trusted bank.

But, when you apply with our app within a few clicks with a minimum amount of Rs.500 you can make your first online mutual fund investment. Before investing in mutual funds online, however, it is essential to do your research to identify your investment needs.


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