9 Best Value Investing Books To Read To Get Ahead Of The Game.

Economics   17 October 2021 11:36:PM

What are the best investing books? How should I go about developing my investment philosophy and process? How do I become a successful investor? So many questions and our one blog will give you a go-ahead to your learning through these 9 value investing books. There are numerous ways to make money in today's market, but value investing is the one strategy that has truly stood the test of time. Christopher Browne's new book, The Little Value Investing Book, teaches you how to use this wealth-building strategy to successfully buy bargain stocks all over the world.

The best value investing book can teach you about company valuation, specifically intrinsic value,  and it helps you to analyze stocks effectively.  

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Value investing is not about gambling. It's about buying something for less than it's worth and selling it when it's worth more. The following list of value investing books can be a starting point for anyone who wants to learn more about this approach to stock trading or just wants to have a good reading list. The first step towards financial success from investing is to understand the world you are entering and there is no better way to learn the art of investment than to have read these nine books. 

These books will serve as your go-to guide while you navigate your way around stocks, markets, money, and numbers. They are a must-have in your portfolio. 

‘Broke Millennial Takes On Investing,’ by Erin Lowry 

If you are thinking “how to learn financial basics” but do not want to read a book that makes you feel trapped in a boring lecture, then this Erin Lowry book is what you need. The second book in the ‘Broke Millenial’ series, this one lays out, from common finance terms to retirement planning to the ABC of buying a stock, everything you need to know before taking the financial plunge. 

‘The Intelligent Investor,’ by Benjamin Graham

First published in 1949, this Benjamin Graham book is one of the best value investing books you can get your hands on. The golden lesson: Look for companies with sound fundamentals, buy them at a discount, and sit on them for long. Warren Buffett swears by it and so does every second serious investor you will come across. 

‘One Up On Wall Street: How to Use What You Already Know to Make Money in the Market’, by Peter Lynch

Considered one of the best-investing books in the business, Lynch, the head of Fidelity’s billion-dollar fund explains how an average person banking on research and observation can pick stocks, “tenbaggers” he called them, that hold the potential to grow tenfold and ultimately make you rich. It is one of the best books on investing for beginners. 

‘Investing in India’, by Rahul Saraogi

Saraogi’s, managing director at Atyant Capital, the book is another great pick from the best value investing books in the market and a must-read for investors looking to practice this philosophy in the Indian markets. He suggests a framework of five filters to put a company through to check whether it qualifies as a value investing pick; a great read for investors of all experience and risk appetites. 

‘I Will Teach You To Be Rich’, by Ramit Sethi

Sethi in his New York Times bestseller, deep dives into the pillars of personal finance — saving, banking, budgeting, and investing. From understanding why investing is so important for wealth creation to the different asset classes to long-term holding and more timeless lessons, it is not surprising to see several top investment books lists feature this one. 

'The Little Book of Common Sense Investing,' by John C. Bogle

A classic and an investor favorite, you cannot go wrong with John C. Bogle’s wisdom. The founder and former CEO of investment advisory Vanguard and the creator of the index fund believe this fund is the only investment that can give you a fair stock market return on your investment. The book elaborates on this philosophy with lots of relevant insights scattered across all chapters. 

‘Stocks to Riches,’ by Parag Parikh

The late veteran investor’s book is a superb guide to not only learn the basics but to learn the art of investment. What this book does is take the decades of Parikh’s experience of the market and distill it down to a format any person can understand; a must-have in your reading portfolio. 

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'Bulls, Bears and Other Beasts: A Story of the Indian Stock Market', by Santosh Nair

Nair brings his decades of experience in financial journalism to take you on a thrilling journey of the Indian stock market starting from 1988. Covering major events, scams, and a peering perspective of how the markets have evolved over the year, the book is a must-read especially for a young investor getting his feet wet in this world. 

‘The Warren Buffett Way,’ by Robert Hagstrom

Only learn from the best they said and who better to learn from than the investing principles of Warren Buffett. Hagstrom makes sure to explain Buffett’s methodology of picking stocks and businesses without making it complex for the average reader and investor; something many finance and investment books fail to deliver. 

Nine of the best-investing books to read, nine to understand, go ahead and invest, thy shall see success by his side. 

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