What is Mutual Fund ?

Mutual funds are investment instruments that enable investments in Equity, Debt and Gold. These are professionally managed and enable participation of investors in the markets.

A mutual fund is a collection or a pool of money that is collected and invested there by allotting units to its unit holders and is listed / unlisted.

Investment in funds can be done based on your risk appetite and risk taking ability.

Why Mutual Fund ?

  • Professional management
  • Diversification
  • Risk reduction
  • Liquidity
  • Transparent
  • Scheme Investment disclose
  • Tax efficient

MF Recommendations Category Nav Rating Returns(%)
1 Year 3 Years 5 Years


Our step by step guide will help you through understanding the basics.

Before you invest for the first time it is important to understand the basics. We’ve put together a step-by-step guide to investments that we hope will clarify some of the broader benefits and risks.

    Why invest with us?

    GEPL offers a holistic service on Mutual Funds to help you grow your money smartly. GEPL Capital is a distributor of all fund houses and has also been awarded a leading contributor to the business from fund houses like Kotak, IDFC, BNP, Franklin, Reliance, SBI, TATA, UTI MF to name a few.

    Our certified professionals consider your risk profile, end use, and tenor to arrive at a customized goal based solution for investments. Investments can be made both online as well as offline. 



      Mutual Funds offer an easy and hassle-free way to invest in diverse stocks that ensure good returns. The structured mutual funds portfolio is handled by an investor manager who invests the fund’s capital to create gains for the investors.

      Professional Management

      Mutual funds are managed by highly professional managers who have complete knowledge about the market. They perform complete research and analyze the performance and potential of various corporations and help investors grow money.

      Minimal Risk

      Mutual funds consist of diversified stocks that minimize risk occurring due to market fluctuations. This ensures that the investor does not bear heavy losses.


      Regular updates about value of investment to investors ensure transparency. The investor is presented with complete information about the investments in assets, and those made by schemes.


      Funds can be directly redeemed by the investor when available for repurchase. Stock exchange listed Fund units can also be bought and sold.

      Wide Range

      There are several Mutual Funds an investor can select from. The investor can choose Mutual Funds that best suit his risk profile. A wide range also ensures lower risk and better diversification in the portfolio.

        In mutual fund investment can be done with maximum three holders.

        Yes, mutual fund allows nomination. Some of the mutual funds allowed up to 3 nominees.

        Third party fund is allowed with declaration sign by investor.

        Investor can invest from any bank account where first investor name is there in bank account.

        For Registering SIP it takes normally 21 working days. So for SIP start date should be at least one month after of registration.

        In equity normally Rs. 5000 for Lumpsum and for SIP Rs. 1000 (Rs. 500 in some MF) per month investor can start investing.

        GEPL does not charge to investor; however there are Transaction charges (Rs. 150 for First time and Rs. 100 for existing investor) are applicable if investor is investing in equity mutual fund which will be deducted from investment by mutual fund.

        No, it is not mandatory to hold mutual fund units into Demat account.

        Investor (All holders) has to be KRA comply for any MF investment. Investor along with cheque and application form can do investment.

        As per SEBI circular: SEBI/IMD/CIR No. 4/ 168230/09, following are the details of the comparative commission earned by GEPL Capital Private Limited from various fund-houses, whose products are being distributed:

        Fund Categories Upfront Brokerage/ Upfront Commission Trail Year 1 Trail Year 2 Onwards
        Balanced and Equity Schemes 0% - 1.00% 0% - 1.50% 0% - 1.50%
        Arbitrage 0% - 0.80% 0% - 0.80% 0% - 0.80%
        Sector/Thematic Funds 0% - 1.00% 0% - 1.50% 0% - 1.50%
        Income Funds 0% - 1.00% 0% - 1.25% 0% - 1.25%
        Debt Dynamic Schemes 0% - 1.00% 0% - 1.25% 0% - 1.25%
        Gilt Schemes 0% - 0.80% 0% - 0.80% 0% - 0.80%
        Banking & PSU Debt Schemes 0% - 0.50% 0% - 0.40% 0% - 0.40%
        Debt Short Term 0% - 0.40% 0% - 0.40% 0% - 0.40%
        Debt Ultra Short Term 0% - 0.80% 0% - 0.80% 0% - 0.80%
        Liquid 0% - 0.10% 0% - 0.10% 0% - 0.10%

        GEPL Capital Private Limited could also get reimbursements towards promotion and marketing related activities conducted by GEPL Capital Private Limited on behalf of AMCs.

        These reimbursements are event-based and the same may or may not be received from AMCs in a particular period. Further, since such activities may be carried out at AMC level, reimbursement amount received cannot be attributed to any specific scheme being offered by such AMC.

        Details of Scheme level commission on Mutual funds are available with your Wealth / Relationship Manager and would be produced on demand.

        This is on a best effort basis and rates are updated as and when actual rates are received from AMCs


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